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BU2 Development updates & the New 'intelligent' A.I.

Posted on December 17, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Battle Universe 2:

Development updates & the New 'intelligent' A.I.


[The character roster has also been improved: new designs, animations & move-sets & characters]


As you may know the app store shuts down during the Christmas period, & as we're currently just putting the finishing touches on this vast update it will have to be a Q3 2014  release on the app store, sorry guys, but we're doing it for you :)


There have many improvements to the upcoming build of Battle Universe, notably in this case the AI. The AI in the upcoming build has been vastly improved, and designed to give you guys the same challenge and thrill derived from boss fights or online play; in every. Single. Battle.



The introduction & advancement of both current & new gameplay elements has led to a big change in how the AI works. It's a very smart system now. Not a system with a simple desire to achieve its objective, but a system whose behavior changes based on its and circumstances.

here's a few of them:


Intelligent use of boosters: An enemy with a certain booster equipped will act very different to an enemy with a different one.

Strategy affected by health: Whether it's health is at 1000 or 10, it will decide which method of combat is the best to use.

Realistic decisions based on circumstances: The ai takes into consideration it's surroundings and circumstances before making all and any decisions on what to do next

Strategy affected by you're strategy: what boosters you have equipped, or how much super-meter you have, can affect the enemy's attack strategy, to close the gap and attack, or evade and strike from a distance.

Room for error & risky moves: much like a human being, the AI is still capable of making mistakes (we're not trying to create a monster here lol) that way although you can in some cases gage what it's going to do next and counter it, there is still an element of unpredictability, very much like in a PVP match.



to be aggressive or defensive, to save energy or use it freely, to decide which boosters will help it win. Which boosters or strategy to use against the ones you've decided to employ. All to help the AI win.


All of theses factors plus more will lead to a much more immersive & challenging experience, to make the AI seem more human & give you guys the same challenge and thrill derived from boss fights or online play; in every single battle.

Sneak Peak at whats to come in Version 2.01!

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

News on Game Development! - Battle Universe 2.01

**EDIT** Due to big developments in the previous months (which will be addressed in detail in the next blog)

the update and distribution of the game has been postponed until Q4 2013.

dont worry guys, you're in for a treat.

we're innovating the whole 'mobile 1v1 combat' scene on an epic scale & to be done right that takes time! :)

Battle Universe Version 2.01 is in the works! and scheduled to be released on the app store around late April/Early May. i've recently been focusing on making attention to detail & immersive gameplay an essential part of the core design objectives. 

allot of changes are being made, and the're all for the better. Heres a few:

  • Every 3D object is being redesigned to console-level graphics - from the box that you hardly notice, to the main Characters and Bosses you'll eventually control & take down. 
  • More Character development & Customisation


  • Larger Scale Boss-Fights

As development continues, more detailed posts and video's of released & upcoming games will be up on the site.
Its really looking very promising, and we wont stop until it's as amazing as it can be.



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